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    INNUA has over 30 plasticizer and plasticizer chemicals in our product list that make us a unique company with broad access to plasticizers that can serve customers in every market.
    We are a pioneer and well-known in the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) market, available in all grades used for rigid or flexible products. Our products include, Suspension, Emulsion and Mass as well as PVC copolymer and compound.
    We offer broad range of chemicals for different industries. You just send your enquiries to our technical sales team to find the product for your specific needs.
    Our colorants and masterbatch additives not only create your preferred color concentrate; but also, improve the performance of your products. Contact one of our sales executive to find the product specifically for your end application.
    If you are looking to enhance the performance of your product, we know how to make it happen. With our antioxidant products our customers can be rest assured for long lasting products even in tough environments.
    For your flame retardants needs, just contact us to recommend the solution for your specific end applications. Our products are used in foams, rubbers, PVC and other polymer systems.
    Our customers can choose among our list of stabilizers in order to increase the useful life of their end products.
    Innua is now offering new line of products for our customers who are looking for rare earth materials. You can count on us for bringing the top quality product from world-class producers.
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