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  • Our Responsibility

    Innua is committed to providing affordable, efficient and environmentally responsible products to the customers that we service globally. We base our philosophy of good corporate citizenship into all aspects of operations, we always aim for the highest standards of health and safety, protection of the environment, the highest level of business integrity and service, efficient reaction to emergencies and we remain a responsible employer.

    Health and Safety

    Innua follows all regulations concerning Health & Safety when shipping goods in whatever mode of transport to any country. We are also an official register with Chemtrec which provide critical and immediate information in case of any incidents. For more information contact Chemtrec at www.chemtrec.com or call +1 (703) 527-3887.


    Innua is devoted to protecting our environment in all of our operations in a manner that is suitable to all of our locations and communities in which we are located.

    Business Integrity

    With more than 30 years in business Innua understands the importance of good business ethics, we always strive to give the best possible service at the best possible price.

    Responsible employer

    Our human resources are our greatest asset, we ensure that we give regular training and pass on all relevant information so that they in turn may service our customers to the highest level, whilst personally becoming more knowledgeable within the industry. Our policy is that we all work together as a team regardless of the position that is held within Innua as we are all equally important in the functioning of the company.