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  • What is Innua?

    The INNUA (depicted) is a half-bird, half-man, spiritual God of Inuit mythology.

    The Inuit, natives of the cold, bare, High Arctic in Canada, are a people of great resourcefulness and endurance. The Innua is central to their story of creation and its depiction represents the transition between animals and humans.

    Inuit believe that although a body may die, the soul cannot. On death, the Innua takes the soul and moves it to a new host. It is common practice for a newborn to be given the name of a recently deceased relative in the belief that the baby is a reincarnation of the relative or loved one.

    When translated into English, the word Innua means “to be Master” or “to be the Possessor” of the spirit. As a global trading organization, we respect the culture and values of our business partners. To us, it is an honour to take on the responsibility of moving the “spirit” from our suppliers to our customers in the manner most appropriate for their business to succeed.